Sunday, August 15


Geovanny lives with her two small children and her mother in a house on the main square of the community. Her husband has salaried employment working in construction. Steady jobs are nonexistent in the community, and so her husband works in another town and is only able to return home every eleven days.

Geovanny works a few days a week as a hairstylist, which allows her to bring in more income to supplement what her husband earns. Geovanny's goal for the future is to earn more income herself so that she can remodel and enlarge her house and provide a better future for her children.

Geovanny is on top of it. She is one of the quickest learners in the class and has done perfect work on her machine with little to no guidance. Geovanny is quiet, but she takes her work very, very seriously and is doing a wonderful job. We're looking forward to seeing her progress as a seamstress, she has the potential to be one of the most skilled members of the cooperative.