Sunday, August 15


Margarita is one of the more charismatic women of the group. She is usually the first woman to speak up when the group is asked a question. Margarita is one of the best cooks I have ever encountered, and she makes delicious meals for us when we are working in the community. In fact, Margatita's cuisine is so popular, that her recipes have been published in a cookbook.

Margarita is also very proud of the high school diploma that hangs in a frame on her wall. She completely the degree last year. Margarita has five children: four sons and a daughter, who is pregnant with her first grandchild.

"My dream is to start my own business where I work next to people that I love. Within 5 or ten years I see myself having a chain of sewing businesses. Nest is helping a lot by just being here in the community and offering their help. They have taught us how to work as a business, how to sew and how to manage our money in a better way." -Margarita Metz